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2 Responses to “Artwork”

  1. john mcdermid Says:

    Matthew: Are you still painting? We hope so but not seeing anything new on your web site. We continue to enjoy “tatoo man” and frequently asked if you know him. Is he a pal. Cheers, John McDermid

    • Hello Mr. McDermid, sorry for the delay! I admit I don’t get on here as often as I should. Yes I am still painting, all day everyday! I’ve been staying up in Asheville and we have usually 3 models a day. We are having a show of miniature paintings in May inspired by a recent show of the Dutch masters we saw in Raleigh. And my teacher Ben has a fresco coming up and it takes a lot of preparation, so I’ve been busy at it. As far as the new work, I have a lot of it, I just don’t have a proper camera to take good images. I have a friend who is supposed to help me upgrade my website and do it all, but I’m trying to finish up a few newer works first. And yes the painting is of a friend of mine, Chad Davis. He plays in a heavy metal band and looks pretty intimidating, but is actually such a nice guy. I’m glad you still enjoying it! It is certainly one of my favorites. I’ll let you know as soon as I get everything updated and have some new work up. I hope you and yours are great and I’ll talk soon!

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